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key team

Almudena Albarrán MadrigalAsset Manager

Almudena Albarrán Madrigal holds a MSc in Civil Engineering from the Polithechnical University of Madrid.

With a solid technical background, Almudena has posgraduate studies of economy, finance and business management from UNED.

She serves in the Executive Committee and attends the Board meetings of Eurogate Group Terminals, 17M€ company dedicated to the management of maritime passenger stations and she is the project leader of the asset from OIM, main shareholder of EGT.

She serves in the Executive committee of Port Aucanada, Marina Picasso, Oil Distribution Corunna, Ocean Water and Ocean Infrastructures Management.

She has served in several M&A transactions in the ports industry in the last years of over 1bn€ Enterprise value.

She is a member of the management team at OIM who leads the Platform of Investors in Spanish Ports (PIPE) were the main operators and investors in Spanish ports are members and has had an active role in promoting strategic changes in the Spanish ports lawwith signifcant impact in the industry and the Spanish economy (1,1%of Spanish GDP and over 175.000 employees).

She is a member of the management team at OIM responsible for analizing potential investment opportunities to QIC (70bnAUD infra fund), TCI (15bn€ fund) and Ocean Asset Management.

Almudena has very strong leading capabilities developed during her experience as an elite athlete in the modality of horse riding as a member of the Spanish national team were she has been medallist in the European Championship and 10 times winner of the regional championship.