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OIM Assets Management

OIM core principle is the foundation of our business as we work to understand our clients’ needs, offer informed advice and execute strategies to generate excess returns and provide world-class client solutions.

Connecting clients with opportunities we are in the markets that matter most to our clients, both developed and faster growing and share expertise and thinking across all our markets.

Doing the right thing for our clients we don't believe in taking undue risks with our client’s money, and try to make costs and processes as transparent as possible.

Long and successful client relationships we seek to provide investment solutions that meet our client’s long-term needs and follow a disciplined investment process.

Brings strengths that benefit our clients we share OIMs culture and attitude to risk and strong insight into client needs through on-the-ground presence.


  • Rising of potential investments opportunities.
  • Advisory services concerning existing or potential investments.
  • Opportunity development.
  • Management of bidding process.
  • Project launching.
  • Asset Management and transfer.